Central Station Clock

Central Station Clock 2

You might just glance at a clock at a Station, as you are dashing through to make your exit. Do you really take notice of what is at high level, or is it, of no consiquence to you.
On my regular trips to Glasgow Central, I can’t help looking up and soaking in the grand architecture.  The clock is my favourite, it dangles delicately from a web of steel that supports the glass roof.

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber

This shot of the Station Concourse, gives a better look at where the Clock is sighted.

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber

View of the Central Staion underpass from the bottom of Buchanan Street and Argyle Street, looking through to Hope Street.  You can smell the Fast food and beer as you walk through…




Brief respite from the storm

“The Old Fella” Gone forever…


“Mac the Jack” was put to sleep on Friday 2/05/14.  My lovely boy past away in my arms.  He took ill last week or any illness he had, came to notice last week.  He showed no obvious signs of what was the matter with him, but his Kidneys where failing very fast.  The vet said they could possibly treat him temporarily only for him to take ill again.  I got the phone call from my partner that he was ill and that we had to make a decision.  I knew what I had to do . It would be so easy to keep him alive on medication to prolong his life for selfish reasons, it would not be the quality life that he was use too. Right up to this point, he had a lovely healthy life and only visited the vets for his regular jabs.  He was the “Private Pet Insurance” dream animal/client, we never ever claimed!

I got home from work early that afternoon to spend a last few quality hours at home with him, we sat in the garden in the sun, he loved the sun shine on his little body sat on my lap, with every stroke he gave a contended purr, I could tell with him that he knew it was his last moments with us.  We fed him his last meal, he ate it like he always ate his food with fury! it wasn’t held down for long, he was slowly shutting down.  After the earlier phone call to me, I made contact with “Raystedes” in Ringmer, East Sussex, they offer private a cremation facility that I have used in the past for my other dogs.

He said goodbye to my partner, she cuddled, held him and cried uncontrollably.  I placed him in the car, I think from that point he knew that was it, this wasn’t part of his routine.  I drove him down to Hove beach where we spent many hours together, I wanted to sit with him for his last hour alone together, so he could smell the air, the sea and all that he could remember about that familiar place.  We strolled back to the car slowly, I let him walk over the disused pitch and putt course, he loved a bit of grass.

In the car he started to shake, he knew.  I cuddled and kissed him and held him, we were never going to have this moment again and it was time for his last appointment.  So final.  He was calm in the vets, sitting on my lap, he gave a last growl to a dog that got just a little to close to him.   I was given a moment alone with him, my crying and telling him how sorry I was for this moment, I was ending his life in effect. The vet was brilliant with Mac and myself, it was very quick, I held him tight and kissed him goodbye, he slumped and that was it, no more illness or pain.

I was met at the pet crematorium by a smashing fella, who understood the needs of animal lovers.  I left Mac for his cremation and collected him first thing this morning to bring him back home.  Why do our pets get us like they do, I am gutted, lost, my house is empty again now.  My life was empty when my last Jack Russell “Zeus” past, Mac came into my life as a puppy a few months after Zeus Past and now, after a very fast, fulfilling and very demanding life as a dog, he has now gone.

He was a little bastard though!  but he was my bastard.  Walking him was a night mare, nothing was safe, he would have a go at every other dog.  Indoors apart from killing bees that flew around the garden, he was an angel, he loved us to bits and was such a loyal and loving dog.  I wouldn’t change any of it.   My Boy “Mac the Jack”. Love you son! 


She was built to last!

She was built to last!

I never get bored taking pics of this Structure. It is Brighton & Hove’s, West Pier. The recent vicious storms have taken another large chunk of the structure. She still hangs on though. This was a fully functioning pleasure Pier in the early seventies, I can remember it vividly. A sad state of affairs now!

The Hooley Brewing up!

The Hooley Brewing up!

Our ‘West Pier’ what’s left of it hanging on in , before todays Storm batters our coast again. The Brighton pier formally ‘Palace Pier’ in the background.
This shot was taken this morning, lying flat on the beach with the dog and his lead wrapped around my leg with my Sony DSC-H20 from a mile or so away in Hove ‘Actually’.
Lucky shot, because the other shots were blurred due to high winds moving me about.

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