Central Station Clock

Central Station Clock 2

You might just glance at a clock at a Station, as you are dashing through to make your exit. Do you really take notice of what is at high level, or is it, of no consiquence to you.
On my regular trips to Glasgow Central, I can’t help looking up and soaking in the grand architecture.  The clock is my favourite, it dangles delicately from a web of steel that supports the glass roof.

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber

This shot of the Station Concourse, gives a better look at where the Clock is sighted.

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber

View of the Central Staion underpass from the bottom of Buchanan Street and Argyle Street, looking through to Hope Street.  You can smell the Fast food and beer as you walk through…



62 responses to “Central Station Clock

    • Thanks for your comment bongodogblog, yes it does, the clock is in view, from most corners of the station. I will post another picture in the near, that puts it in a better perspective.

  1. Glasgow Central is my local station. The station at Wemyss Bay is fantastic. It is one of the finest railway stations in Scotland. Train runs from Glasgow Central to Wemyss Bay and you can get a ferry over to Isle of Bute for a day out.

    Pictures of Wemyss Bay station here:

    Wemyss Bay Railway Station

  2. I spent about 10 days in Glasgow a couple of years ago with my husband. We had rail passes and made day trips out of Central Station. Thanks for making me remember a great vacation.

  3. Glasgow is a fantastic City and a city where you should look up as there is a fine selection of Architecture, it is great that you draw attention to look up and around. Great photos and beautifully exposed!


  4. I’m loving these photographs. Know the place well and it’s great to view it from somebody else’s perspective. I once got reprimanded by a majorly disgruntled rail employee under that particular clock for having the audacity to ask the whereabouts of a bin for a banana skin. Thank you for realigning my brain with a brighter image 🙂

    • Thanks for looking in, great place the Central, I think all rail employees are disgruntled. I was verbally acosted, last week at Brighton Station by a jumped up rail employee pratt, we had words!

      • Ha, I reckon it might have been the very same employee! You could always surreptitiously paparazzi that person one day. Take a brigade of friends and some sandwiches. For a laugh. Then make a collage of that person’s meaningful daily work related chores in sepia or something. Would probably win The Turner Prize if you included a defaced motorised toilet bowl in the exhibit as well lol.

        I wasn’t allowed to throw away my banana skin under that clock on account of the ‘terrorists’.. According to the holy gospel of british rail – Bins = terrorism. And I believe being a litter bug occurs a fine also. Ain’t bureaucrasy and censorship a hoot?

        I really like this photo because it captures the scope of the space perfectly. Clean lines, good definition and light. It’s actually quite profound to show or symbolise time being suspended in the middle of constant motion, especially in a frenetic area for those who ocassionally bother to open their eyes in life. Very clever. I like.

    • Thanks for calling by doctor dolittle, you can spend a lot of time looking at things, without really noticing them to much. I prefer to look at these clocks, than those digi display things…
      Andy O.

  5. The clock at Glasgow Central is an integral part of everyone’s life if you have or do live in Glasgow. As a teenage going ice skating at Crossmyloof, you invariably met your friends under the clock at Central. If you say to anyone from Glasgow I will meet you under the clock they instantly know where you mean. I have met my mum, my dad, my brothers, most of my extended family, friends, girlfriends, ex girlfriends and business associates ‘under the clock’. Glasgow just wouldn’t be Glasgow without that clock.

    • Thanks for calling by and your comment davidbuildsahouse. I love that clock and Station, Iam not from Glasgow, but love the place, iam Brighton based, our Station clock is lovely too, although now it is being restored…
      Andy O.

  6. Hello, Fellow Glasgow Photographer! 🙂 That entire building is stunning and you’ve captured the clock perfectly! Too often we take for granted that there is space above our heads that needs to be seen. This clock is just one of many reasons why it’s so important, especially in Glasgow to look around! The walk down the Clyde towards SECC is a great one in any weather, and I’m excited to explore the transport museum too – Thanks Ann for the tip on the ferry service there!

    If you fancy company on your quest for beautiful buildings in this town, let me know. Unfortunately I’m only here for another month, but I can walk all day just looking around.



    • Thanks for looking in Audra, and for your kind comments. Glasgow is a great place, with or without a camera and in any weather situation. I shall not be in Glasgow until late on in the year sometime.
      Andy O.

  7. Thanks for transporting me all the way from South Africa to Glasgow Central and for popping in to like my post! As grumpy old men go – you’re cool!

    • Thanks for calling by Diane. I think the sun shines more in South Africa than it does in Glasgow. Iv’e been called many things in my time, but never cool! Yes, might be my new image…
      Andy O.

  8. Hi there, mentioned your site on mine as one that brightens my day, as was invited to when I got an award. Love it, always inspiring. Well done Annx

  9. Completely agree about the looking up – what a fantastic shot of the roof as well as the clock. I quite often do guided walks around London even tho I’ve lived here for most of my adult life and one of the key things they make us do is look up. And sure enough they point out shed loads of stuff that I have walked past unknowingly time and again. You obviously do it naturally and see all this wonderful stuff.

    • Thankyou for your kind comment sarahspoutoff. There is always something above Street level to look at, I think we all get a bit blinded and distracted by shop fronts. There is a lot of fancy brick work and mouldings hidden away with time above these shops, enjoy and mind your neck when looking up…
      Andy O.

  10. Good to see the old home town through the eyes of another. Central Station is an amazing building inside and out. Nice work 😀

  11. I have a few pictures of Glasgow central clock myself and I just love the old entrance to the hotel inside the station; I can just imagine a bygone era with great steam engines puffing their way into the station and ladies in long dresses and hats finishing their luncheon before boarding the train. Piles of luggage and old suitcases.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you for coming by my blog! The Central Station clock is brill, it means lots of different things to so many people, some don’t even notice it, too busy looking down into their mobile phones whilst passing through…..

  12. In November 2013 there was a very bad storm with gale force winds of 90MPH. I managed to catch the last train into Glasgow at 07.30am. The station was closed at 08.00am as one of the glass roofing panels came crashing down onto the platform.

    Trains were suspended for the rest of the day which was a scunner as I had to get a bus home and it took ages.

    • Totally agree! Was well hammered under that clock eating fish and chips in the early hours one day, shooting the crap with other like minded drunks…thanks for the look in.

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