Just updating my Brighton & Hove theme

Picture: curtosy of UrbanPlumber   Picture Courtesy of:  UrbanPlumber

Hove Actually’s Magnificent Restored Bandstand in all its glory, the remains of the West Pier on the horizon.  This Bandstand lay in disrepair for many years.  It did function in the 70’s, I remember military bands playing on it during the summer season.  Its has been wonderfully restored by great tradesman back to its original state.  People love to have their photo’s taken here, a fantastic focal point in Hove, situated on the promenade between the Hove Lawns/Peace Statue and the remains of the West Pier.

2 responses to “Just updating my Brighton & Hove theme

  1. I’m currently living over near the bandstand and I love seeing what a hub of activity it is throughout the year, from choirs to salsa, there’s always something happening there. On New Year’s eve it was packed with people singing various out of tune/out of time renditions of Auld Lang Syne, beautiful.

    • Thank you toricherry for your comment. I bet it looked good and sounded great New Years eve. I was in Glasgow that night, readying myself for the long drive back South on New Years day…

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