Brighton vs Newcastle United.

  Picture Courtesy:  UrbanPlumber

Amex Stadium open day last year, getting acquainted with my seat in the 1901 Middle West Stand.  Fab views!

After the week before last’s poor display against Wrexham away, I really thought Brighton would get a serious doing from this Premiership side.  Just how wrong was I.

We don’t bother driving to the stadium for the games, getting out of the car park is a serious issue.  With Aldrington Halt just around the corner from me, it makes sense to catch the train through to Brighton then transfer over to pick up the train for the Amex.

The Train was heaving with Albion fans all chomping at the bit to get to the Big game.  On arrival at the Amex, the area outside the station was as busy as usual, teams of fella’s trying to knock out Brighton vs Newcastle scarves for a fiver a throw, ticket touters offering bargain tickets and the sizzling of the Burger vans trying to keep up with demand.

As we walked across the station bridge towards the ground, the size of the Amex Stadium hit’s you, what a great bit of Architecture, what a great ground.  I meet my Business Partners in the lounge and settle in for a couple of nice drinks and shoot the s##t before the game.

The Stadium was a sell out, the Brighton fans were in splended voice and so were the Newcastle fans who braved the long journey down South.  From the start Brighton went straight in attacking then defending well when they had too.  Newcastle didn’t really get a look in.  It was a good first half, the Albion looked a totally different side than the one that took on Wrexham.  The second half was just as good, then Will Buckley came down the left wing, attempted a shot and got a deflection off the defender, straight in the back of the net.  The crowd including myself were going mad, we scored against a big premiership side, pure magic.  The Newcastle supporters end went very quiet indeed and that was that, with four minuets of extra time left, Newcastle did push but we deffended well.  The whistle blew, game over, next round here we come.

Time to get in the queue for the return train ride back to Brighton Station, it always seems to be jammed to the hilt, but really it moves well the train comes, we eventually get the second train back and manage to grab a seat.  A quick transfer over for the Hove train, then a short walk home.  All in all a good game, nice Saturday afternoon.  SEAGULL’Sssssss…