Hole in the Tank

What are you going to do, with a large hot water Tank/Calorifier that has sprung a hole in it.  You just can’t get one of the shelf to fit exactly to existing pipework and the Tank  is over 29 yr’s old.  The logistics of a new installation and cost have to be considered and the residents and staff of this of this care home, rely on masses of hot water every day.


Pictures Courtesy:  UrbanPlumber

There are several short-term answers:  1 – weld a patch over the hole, “this may cause more problems if the wall thickness is badly corroded”.  2 – Try to bung the hole with a wooden plug, “If you manage this, the head pressure may blow it out”.

Our solution and quick fix to this problem, came in the shape of:  Silicon, a large Jubilee clip, small metal disk, and two-part slow set araldite, as shown in the pictures below.


Picture Courtesy:  UrbanPlumber

That little finger sized hole was the problem.  Hot water shooting out at pressure and flooding the plantroom.  The answer and short-term fix/long-term fix, isolate supplies, drain calorifier, fill the hole with Silicon and leave over night to set, to assist with the plugging of the hole.  Next morning, clean surfaces apply araldite press on metal disc and tighten very large jubilee clip.  Allow to set for about an hour, gently fill tank and test, re-instate supplies and hot test.  “JOB’S A GOOD ONE” Every body is happy…

They won’t teach you that on a 6 week Plumbing course!    “MORE TO COME”.

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