It’s Canine Time!

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber

Hove Beach!  “Mac the Jack” enjoying what he does best.

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber

Waiting, not moving an inch, stalking a Wood Pidgeon.  Check out the Spurs on his heals…

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber

Classic, Queen Anne Legs…

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber

What an Angel!  Don’t be fooled…

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber


Can’t help it, just love Jack’s.   You either love them or hate them…

A young “Mac the Jack” handsome lad…

The “Jack”, parked up on the scooter…

13 responses to “It’s Canine Time!

  1. He is a fine lad indeed! Finally got into the right spot on your blog to see him. I’m not kidding about being challenged in the computer savoir-faire department. “Point and click” can be tough to figure out….

    • Thankyou for getting through! Yes he is a fine lad, 12yrs old this year and still wants to fight every thing with four legs. Killing bee’s a speciality. Not good at all. I agree mapping your way through, can be a bit of a job…
      Andy O.

    • Thanks for looking in and your kind comments HerdandScene. The photo’s posted where randoms from a few years back, he still has his good looks and figure + a bit of grey around his whiskers…
      Andy O.

    • Thanks for looking by! He is an Exocet missile with four legs, I will leave the rest to your imagination . He still looks for trouble at his age, love him loads though.

    • Thank you for stopping by Zest, I just love Jacks they are so ballsy, if that’s the wright word! My jack has been a git since the first day that I brought him home. 14yrs later, he is still a bundle of trouble…Andy O.

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