Let’s do Bird’s

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber

Hove Beach, “Stone the Crow’s”…

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber

Meet the Robin, regular visitor to the feeding area…

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber

Caught these two Redwing’s chilling.  A couple of years back, we had a severe cold winter.  So severe that we had a small flock of about 40 Redwing birds from Scandinavia somewhere, take up residency in the tree at the base of the garden.  Apparently it was so cold where they came from, they migrated South to our warmer climate, even though it was below 0 degree’s most of the time.

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber

Sweet little Sparrow checking stuff out…

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber

Nothing like a pair of Tit’s,  Hard working parent feeding one of its young…

Hope you liked the bird’s stuff…

6 responses to “Let’s do Bird’s

  1. Nice pics. Perhaps when I get my Canon EOS 60D I might be able to get close enough to take such nice photos.

    After reading a couple of your posts and seeing UrbanPlumber as the photographer, would you, perhaps, be this one? 🙂

      • Well, maybe I don’t have to wait. I have a Canon PowerShot SX110 with a 10x optical zoom, and I almost always use Auto because I’ve forgotten 90% of what I once knew about manual photography. That’s good to know, thanks.

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