Brighton Station “The Clock”

Brighton Station, is a beautiful example of Victorian Architecture, with its exquisite iron, glass and brickwork structure.  Few of us take the time to look around our lovely Station.  They are a means to an end, the start or ending of a journey, a place to drop off or collect people.  Most commuters only look at the electronic platform displays for arrival or departure times in between looking in to their mobile phones whilst texting.  I had almost forgotten, that this clock was up in the God’s, what a beauty!

What a fine Time Piece, Brighton Station Clock.   Unfortunately, missing hands on the North Face.

Brighton Station Entrance looking North from Queens Road.  As soon as the sun appears this Station is mobbed with arriving tourists and day trippers all heading straight down Queens Road / West Street to the Beach.  Next stop, France and Europe…

I was verbally accosted by a Railway platform worker, we exchanged a few choice words.  He said that I was not to photograph the Station and if I carried on, he would fetch the Transport Police.  Apparently, I need permission from the Station Master, something to do with terrorism.  Well I got the photo’s that I wanted for that moment in time.  I will be back!

I recently looked at a photo, which included this fine clock hovering over a crowded platform and the steam trains below.  The photo was taken during the Edwardian Period.

A close up view of the external clock, above the Station entrance.  Is the Clock mount, Marble or Stone? I will find out.

So, until I can get other shot’s, I hope you like the pic’s…

8 responses to “Brighton Station “The Clock”

    • North London Girl eh! I was born in Woodgreen, used to go for walks to Ali Pally as a child. My Grand Mother made early TV recordings their in the 30’s…Thanks for looking in, Andy O.

  1. With regards to your comments on being ‘verbally accosted’ for the sake of ‘something to do with terrorism’, I find this to be a worrying attitude in this day and age. The fact of the matter is that hi resolution photos of a train station (a very viable target) could prove invaluable to any group or individual planning an attack. If the reasons are not obvious to you, then I feel you are unqualified to have dismissed your encounter with the station staff as insignificant and unnecessary.

    • My gripe was not with the “obvious terrorist issue” Iam very aware of this more than you’ll ever know. I believe in speaking to people as i would like to be spoken to. Curtesy and politeness cost nothing. The Station operative was only doing his job, perhaps his employers should teach him more effective people skills. Perhaps all cameras should be rounded up and crushed to prevent everybody from taking photo’s of anything. Try stopping tourists from taking pictures of BigBen etc, basically everything is a potential target. You may put up with other peoples rudeness, Iam not going too…

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