Meet the new kid on the block

Got in Last Saturday evening, after watching Brighton vs Birmingham at the Amex.  Just started doing a bit of cooking, when I spotted the new kid on the block.  It is said that there is a decline in the population of Sparrows, we appear to have a pretty good local population, well in our local gardens anyway.  Didn’t take this little one to long to locate the feeder and water station.

Parent, with youngster…

Needing a drink…

First of many.  Nice little chap…


6 responses to “Meet the new kid on the block

  1. Love the birds. Lucky you!!! I miss our birds from our garden in England very much. Here in S.India we do not have many where we live – too busy,I guess. Except CROWS (KaKa), we even have a sort of ‘tame one’. But look at my birdpicture on my site – nobody can tell me its name, but we call him (or her?) our own red robbin.
    Was a difficult, but very lucky shot up in the mountains. Ciao, Carina

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