“Mac the Jack”

The Old Fella, the Git, doing what he likes doing.

6 responses to ““Mac the Jack”

  1. hello mac its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo for visitting for tuckers birthday week!!! hay mac yoo ar very brayv to go in the water espeshly the oshun i try to avoyd the oshun wenever possibul wun never nos wot mite be lurking beneeth the surfiss cud be ninja hedjhog frogmen cud be ensyklopeedia saylsmen yoo just never no!!! ok bye

  2. Mac is lovely! Certainly a lot trimmer and healthy than my dog, I think he’s been eating too many pies lately haha! I also don’t think he knows the definition of the word “running”!

    • Thanks for looking in jaytee59. Yes, dogs are great friends, love my jack to bits. He has been a right F###er in his time and still is! even though he’s a bit of an old fellow now. Wouldn’t be without him though…

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