The Hooley Brewing up!

The Hooley Brewing up!

Our ‘West Pier’ what’s left of it hanging on in , before todays Storm batters our coast again. The Brighton pier formally ‘Palace Pier’ in the background.
This shot was taken this morning, lying flat on the beach with the dog and his lead wrapped around my leg with my Sony DSC-H20 from a mile or so away in Hove ‘Actually’.
Lucky shot, because the other shots were blurred due to high winds moving me about.

16 responses to “The Hooley Brewing up!

  1. Was the main pier damaged? I don’t recall a west pier, but then it was 13 years ago that I visited. Southern England has been battered this winter, I hope it stops soon.

    • As a kid in the early seventies, I used to swim out to the end of the West Pier and hand surf back to the beach with the incoming tide. The West Pier was a working Pier back then. I was also there on New Year’s Day to witness the Pier burning along with my Jack Russell who is an old boy now…

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