Iam not into fancy photo packages. I haven’t a clue how to use a real camera with film.  Point and shot with a digital camera, set to Auto is the way for me.  check out my stuff….

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  1. Thanks for checking out my blog, Andy. I like the graffiti pics – hadn’t seen those examples before. Obviously don’t know my town as well as I thought I did.

    Also agree with you about ‘Brighton’ Pier – it’ll always be the Palace Pier to me!

  2. Hey, Andy – Thanks for dropping across to my blog and I have enjoyed browsing yours – your photographs are ‘ace’ and the graffiti artwork post in particular is ‘cracking’! You caught the sharpness and colour of the graffiti perfectly! Can’t quite work out whether you are Scottish or English though. Some of your commentary would say Scots but who knows – you could be anything! I used to use Central Station in Glasgow every day when I was at Langside College in the early ’70s! Your photographs of the area brough back fond memories!



  3. Thank you for coming by and checking out and liking photosbybrent.wordpress.com. I really enjoy your photos as well! Keep shoot’n

  4. Nice photos! Nothing wrong with point and shoot! It’s all in the composition and how YOU see the shot:) And of course having fun is essential! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • Hi David, welcome to blogging. If you check out on your page, Blogs/Follow you can type in what you like and somebody somewhere has a blog about it and like blogs appear. I like scooters, so I checked it out and your blog was there. Great pic with your Lambretta and the pier behind. You will get the hang of it. Good luck and enjoy, just do your stuff…

  5. Hello andyo1976! Thank you for Liking my post. Delighted you enjoyed it. Love your pictures and blog. Quintessentially British like a warm old cosy pub of old. I once lived in Hove. Briefly. Long ago. Will enjoy dropping by. Excellent photos, really. You’re too modest. Great stuff! Best to you, be well. R.

    • Hi Rosemary! Witty blog you keep. Your sense of humour and attitude to life is brill. I thank you for dropping by my blog, it really is just a point and shoot thing. I like the bit, “quintessentially British”. I think of myself/style quintessentially English first, those old cozy boozers of old are long gone now, glad you remember them. You stay well too and never loose that attitude of yours. The O.

      • Thank you very much, most kind of you to say, seriously, it means a great deal to me. I’m delighted you enjoy my efforts. Especially as, cough, cough, admittedly this will be hard to believe, but I do get my fair share of cutting comments. Vasectomy level. Didn’t spend that much time in pubs but I do remember them and it’s a crying shame, however, my older brother is busy helping to save the typical pub along with what’s left of our red telephone boxes. Yay, go Michael Bach in Kensington! And your delightful photos play an important role in all this. Looking forward to many return visits. Very best, ttfn, R.

    • Thank you for coming by my blog! No set rules or pattern for this, just go with what feels right at the time, it’s not always about pleasing others as long as you are happy with the subject, that is really what counts, the rest will follow. Good luck…

  6. Hello and thanks for the like on my blog. With so many options to read available to us, I very much appreciate your taking the time to read mine. I am a “point and shoot” photographer myself and enjoy embellishing my blog with my efforts. Whoever invented autofocus is my hero! May you enjoy discovering the photos that are just waiting for you to capture them!

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