Perfect End

Beautiful evening sky looking out to the “Aisle Of Craig” Firth of Clyde, Scotland….


Good Morning Sunshine

Good Morning Sunshine

Working in Peacehaven, near Brighton, East Sussex, UK, today. Could not resist watching this Sunrise around 7.30am. From the cliff top in Peacehaven. This shot looks East towards, the Newhaven Harbour wall and the Famous Seven Sisters Cliffs in the distance, with this beautiful stretch of water called the English Channel that separates us from France and the rest of Europe. The grey dot on the horizon to the right of the rising sun is, the Newhaven to Dieppe ferry.

Coned out of his head!

Coned out of his head!

This isn’t the best photo in the world of Cone Head, but I snapped it on the hurry. Should it stay or should it go, the cone that is! This statue and cone is a popular subject at the moment. Being a grumpy old git, well not that old, this always makes me smile when I see it. It is a constant battle between the authorities and Joe public. It gets my VOTE to stay, it needs to stay. Its a Glasgow thing…. and that’s coming from a Southerner

“Mac the Jack”

The Old Fella, the Git, doing what he likes doing.

It’s Canine Time!

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber

Hove Beach!  “Mac the Jack” enjoying what he does best.

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber

Waiting, not moving an inch, stalking a Wood Pidgeon.  Check out the Spurs on his heals…

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber

Classic, Queen Anne Legs…

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber

What an Angel!  Don’t be fooled…

Picture Courtesy: UrbanPlumber


Can’t help it, just love Jack’s.   You either love them or hate them…

A young “Mac the Jack” handsome lad…

The “Jack”, parked up on the scooter…