Chalked wall

A few years back this Artwork was about all over Brighton & Hove.  Then it stopped.  The Artist may have moved on, who knows.  The example shown here looks unfinished, as the others I have seen in the past were more detailed.  The Artwork was drawn only in chalk, I think the Artist wanted to put his message across without the lasting effects of damaging property, it has a sort of Thai Asian feel about it, “could be wrong”.   This could be the only example left in the town!

Spotted on the side wall of “Focus Do-it All”   Sackville Trading Estate – Sackville Road, Hove, East Sussex, England.

It’s in Hove Actually!

Walking the mutt this morning, I found this in Hove Actually!  Perhaps the Artist lost his / her Sat Nav, or they just fancied tagging somewhere in Hove…

England.  Brighton Actually, found deep in Hove Actually!

Stencil Street Art.   Hove, England, Tagged.

Stumbled across this Lady

More Street Art for your consumption.  It was not my intension to photograph this lady, I just stumbled across her by accident, lucky me!

Another Telecommunications Box, used as a Street Canvas.  This one, I found by accident in Powis Grove, Brighton. Great Art Work.  I didn’t notice the turd until it was too late.  I suppose that could be classed as a “Dog Tag”.

Two Faced…

Found this last week in Brighton, England.  “Two Faced“.

Street Art – Spray Stencilled on to a Telecommunications Box.  St Micheals Place, Brighton, England.

Now you see me!

Tagging.  Is it Art!


NOW YOU DON’T…   Richardson Road, Hove, England.

THEY HAVE BEEN AT IT AGAIN…    Sackville Road, Hove, England.

First attempt on the green shutter, washed out.  Re-Tagged again!